The Crown Season 4 : New Updates on the new show, everything you need to know about it


    The Royal show The Crown is up for its fourth season and a new journey of the royal family

    Peter Morgan’s award-winning series depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II, covering the early 1940’s and queen’s youth and making its way to the further generations of the family.  After three successful story phases, the period drama is working on it’s a new phase, where Princess Diana’s story will begin

    The Season will include Princess Diana’s meet with Prince Charles as the pics that were posted on the newcomer, debutant Emma Corrin as a replica of Princess Diana makes it all clear for us.

    Now we have  more updates on the show for the fans,

    Recreating Lord Mountbatten’s Funeral back in 1976

    It has been in our knowledge that ‘The Crown’ Season 4 will be recreating Lord Mountbatten’s funeral. In the previous three seasons, Lord Mountbatten is portrayed to be a connection for  Prince Philip’s relationship with the future Queen Elizabeth, as he saw working on it (directly pr indirectly). Moving further in the story, we assumed that the makers of the show come up to the death of Mountbatten.

    Now season four will be recreating lord’s funeral, which is speculated by a recent Instagram post.

    Helena Bohnam Carter as Princess Margaret

    A recent Instagram post by a visitor to the church shows a few props from the set,  this week both Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret) and Olivia Colman were spotted at Winchester Cathedral, wearing the funeral attire on the sets of ‘The Crown.’ This made us think of shows recreation of Lord Mountbattensn’s funeral, back in 1976 when he was killed in an attack by the Irish Republican Army.

    Wedding Dairies of Princess Diana

    Emma Corrin has been photographed shooting another scene for The Crown Season 4. She is seen as a duplicate of  Princess Diana as she holds for the wedding views of the Princess of Wales with Prince Charles. The royal couple got married at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, but the filming of those scenes is taking place at Winchester Cathedral, as the photos depict.

    Emma perfectly carried the floral dress perfectly while shooting the scenes.


    The Crown is expected to move into the mid-’80s. It’s possible that we could see the baby version of Prince William and Harry, Duke of Sussex, this Season.


    Royal Viewers of the Show

    The Netflix series has quite a few real-life Royal viewers. The show is even loved by the Royal viewers. Till now, the story entered in the 1960s, cryonics at the death of Queen Elizabeth’s father, Princess Margaret, her marital woes, and all the highs and lows the royalty faced.

    Prince Harry is not a fan of The Crown

    But as the show is moving further, one person has decided not to let the show catch him. Prince Harry is determined to stop the show as soon as it gets to him .

    Levin  Duke of Sussex told Today a conversation of his with Prince Harry, “And I hadn’t been at the time, I felt very embarrassed, and I got it, and he said, ‘I’m going to make sure I stop it before they get to me.'”



    As the show is making its way, season 4 is said to cover most of the early 1980’s. Let’s wait for the Season as what all it has for it’s the audience as. There is no trailers and dates update, but the filming is in full swing.


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