The Dragon prince Season 4 is scheduled for may 2020. Let’s find out: Release Date, Cast, Story and Updates!


    The dragon prince season 4 is an upcoming part of Dragon prince series. The show is scheduled for Netflix. According to creator Aaron Ehasz and justin the upcoming series will be full of more fantasy world and adventure than previous part. Till now there are three season with 27 episodes. The first part was rated on Imdb 8.4 out of 10. The first part came in september 14, 2018. It was highly rated and demanded among the fans so it has renewed for fourth season.

    Release Date and story of upcoming season:

    The fourth season of The dragon prince is scheduled to release in may, 2020. But we know the epidemic problem so it may be delay but there is no confirmation yet. In previous part we saw Callum was the first human who knew about how to spell magic. Meanwhile Layla was alone after leaving by her team of assassin and became friend of Callum. So there are three friend after joining the 10 year boy Ezran. Who was a son of King Harrow.

    We saw people were living in trouble because dragons, elves and monsters want to rule on them. So by consequences people went to west and the continent divided. After some time King Harrow attacked on humans and there was a havoc between dragon prince and people. So in upcoming season sun, moon , sky, earth, stars, ocean are the most important part of spell a magic. People of Xaldia will try to collect them but we know the Viren (the main villain) will come to fight with the Ezran.

    Cast of The dragon prince 4:

    In upcoming part we can see Callum, Rayla, Ezran, Viren, Claudia and Soren. So stay tune with us for upcoming information about release date of season 4. We know the journey, battle and magic is not over yet."The Dragon Prince Season 4" Is Confirmed: The Expected Release Date, Plot, Cast Among Other Information Intact Here!!!