“The Handmaid’s tale”, This Hulu series is going to have a 4th season. So, here’s what everything you need to know about.


    Well, People get ready to be slaved by the laws of Dystopia as “The Handmaid’s Tale” is coming back for season 4 which means we are going to see a lot of drama out there.

    The last season ended with Handmaid’s leader June planting the seeds of rebellion in Gilead (USA). Due to the Christan theocracy which has been able to diminish her kind for a long time. As now she is standing tall and within this series, she has been able to send many of her kind to Canada and also able to save some kids.

    This time she is back again in Gilead to torch the flames of rebellion within the masses. The last season was able to give us a lot of cliffhangers. So, that’s the reason why we want to know everything regarding the upcoming season of the series.

    The upcoming season of the series is something which we can expect in late October or November as the shooting part was done back in August. So, all that is left is the extra work. So, let’s just wait for a while for the time being.

    The Cast for the upcoming season

    The cast of the upcoming season is something which they haven’t announced but most likely almost everybody from the previous seasons are going to be there and there could be new cast members about whom we don’t have any idea about.

    The Plot for the latest season

    The upcoming plot is then again is a big mystery to us but definitely, it’s going to be roaming around June and what will be the future of her other comrades who are prisoner by the government.

    The trailer for the upcoming season is something which is not released but it will be released soon by Hulu as then again this is something they take a good amount of time.  So, People until the pandemic is not getting over we can do nothing but wait.