Well, People be ready for the live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid”.


    Disney has been pretty busy these days with their animated movies becoming a live-action material and all these movies have remained fairly successful.

    Not to mention that “Aladdin” was able to impress us with a huge amount of delight. So, there are a lot of animated movies which are about to get revisited into the real deal.

    But let’s just talk about one of them which is going to get the revisit pretty soon and that is “Disney’s Little Mermaid”. The shooting of the movie started pretty early and then for a short span of time it was halted.

    Cast and Other Details

    So, The cast of the upcoming movie is going to be pretty awesome as the role of the Mermaid “Ariel” is going to be played by Halle Bailey whose R&B songs are something which you may have heard here and there.

    There was a lot of commotion regarding the casting of Halle as Ariel but recently in an interview, she said that “It really doesn’t matter what others are saying. So, I am just going to make sure that I played the role in the best way possible”.

    There are still talks going on regarding the other members of the cast and negotiations are still on the go. So, let’s sit back tightly for a while but we are going to have Marie Claire on-board and Melissa McCarthy is also going to be there. For now, we only know that much.

    Some other facts..

    The release date of the movie is supposed to be November 19, 2021, but then again the pandemic has been able to be as our worst nightmare. So, anything can happen or in this case, the movie could get rescheduled.

    The trailer of the movie is something which is still not released which means that there is still a long road ahead before we get to meet the mermaid. So, let’s just hope and pray for the best.


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