Well, people get ready to live like an assassin as “Hitman S1” is out. So, everything you need to know about this game is here.


    Games have been able to become closer to us than ever in this time of the pandemic and to relieve us from all the stress. It’s the best time to have some games around you.

    What’s this game all about

    So, here we have a game where you can live like a paid assassin. The game is “Hitman S1”. The game has been able to create a good fanbase over the years.

    The whole thing is based on all the previous movies and games it has been able to create as we all just know how much we love paid assassins and their stories.

    Release date and other details about the game

    The game is going to be under IO interactive as they are trying their best to get this whole thing done within 2021 as the pandemic has been able to halt almost each and every part of the development.

    The whole cast of the game is going to remain the same as the movies of Hitman was able to reflect. All those characters who are related to Agent 47 are going to be there. So, this is going to be the time where you will be able to live like an assassin.

    There has been able to be a series on ‘Hitman’ which is going to be on Hulu. The series is in works officially and also the writer for the series is Derek Kolstad who was also the writer for “John Wick”.

    The trailer of the gaming series is out and it’s looking pretty good with all the top class stories and the thematic viewpoints of each and every aspect of this PS4 game are definitely going to make you crazy.

    So, People, In these times, The whole thing has been able to halt for a limited period of time and it has been a while. So, let’s wait and hope for things to get better.