When can we expect to see Endeavour to appear with Season 8 on TV?


    The British series Endeavour is created as a prequel to the Crime drama series Inspector Morse. The series comprised of 33 two hour long episodes excluding the commercial and was produced during 1987-2000.  Both the series are set in Oxford. The current series shows us the life of Endeavour Morse who begins his career as a detective constable  and moves forward till Detective Sergeant. The show was first premiered on 2 January 2012 and Till the date show have completed 7 episodes with 30 episodes.

    Next Season – Season 8

    The latest and seventh season of the episode started its screening on February 2020. Well the series have confirmed the news about Eighth season. The announcement was made even before the latest, seventh season started screening. It was made around August 2019 and that is indeed a pretty long time before the  release of season seven. According to the news, the series would be airing sometime around 2021 and we do not have a confirmed air date. Even though there have been variations in the first set of series, we could see only the recent series are being released around January and February. Thus we could expect it on early 2021. But we should also be prepared for a  slight delay due to the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown they have brought on various countries.

    Cast of Season 8

    Well we could expect not to see any major change in the cast. For starting we cannot even imagine anyone portraying the role of Endeavour Morse other than Shaun Evans. Along him we  expect to see Roger Allam as Fred Thursday.  We could expect tso see the reappearance of Joan Thursday in the next seasson even though we missed Sara Vickers in last season. The rest of the cast will be having Anton Lesser, Sean Rigby, Abigail Thaw.

    1971  could be the year based for season eight. The season would be indulged in solving political and social cases in the year 1971. Anyway we know the series would have to come to an end to meet with the Parent series Inspector Morse.  Thus we know the upcoming seasons are going to be numbered and which eventually makes our expectation level rise.  Inorder to see the if we have meet up to it, we need to wait for the release fo the series.


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