“Windbound”, Everything you need to know about this adventure game.


    Those who love to go on adventures but are actually stuck in their home due to this pandemic for them digital adventure could be better than watching old videos and remembering those days.

    So, there are a countless number of games out there and if you don’t have any idea on which game to choose.

    What’s this buzz all about

    Then we have one which can definitely make you feel better and the game is “Windbound”. This one is going to be released on Aug. 28 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

    It’s a story of an adventurer who has set her ship to sail and eventually, she ends up in forbidden islands where she needs to survive on her own and now she will learn how to craft, hunt and every other aspect of survival she needs to learn here to survive.

    The jungle which has been created by them is a far more diverse place as there will be plenty of rich diversity will be there and there is always something new to explore within this gaming series.

    The features of this one

    The trailer of the game has been out and the settings and themes of the upcoming game are something to discuss as the trailer has been able to give us a wonderful insight on the game which is looking pretty good for an adventure RPG.

    The game has been created by none other than 5 Live Studios. The game has been able to give a feeling of “Zelda” as the trailer goes on. The game has been able to create a lot of fans already even though it hasn’t been released.

    The date of release has been out but the main problem is that it shouldn’t get rescheduled due to the pandemic otherwise, the whole fun regarding the gaming series will be ruptured. So, let’s hope that everything is going to be turn out for the best .