You season 3 is all ready to come. Know more about it


    Netflix has always proved to be one of the best entertainment packages around the world. You will always see lots of people who have the subscription of Netflix and they used to watch movies or web series. In Netflix’s most-watched list Web series named You also comes.

    You web series was introduced in the year of 2018. At that time one the web series got so much of positive reaction from the viewers. That in the following year the second season also got released. The IMDB ratings of this series were 7.8 out of 10 in IMDB and it also 90% fresh in the rotten tomatoes. From the ratings, only you can know how famous the web series got.

    Now its time to know about You seasons 3. So that you can enjoy this web series at the time it will be released.

    What is the expected date of You season 3?

    You Web series got so much famous that the makers declared they are bringing up with the third season also. Not only the makers but the viewers were eagerly waiting for it. They have also stated that the 3rd season will consist of 10 episodes.

    But the main problem is that this year it is impossible for the 3rd season to get released. So maybe in the year 2021, you can watch the third season. There is no release of the 2nd season in this year just because the pandemic situation the whole world is facing from.

    What will be the main plotline of You season 3?

    You seasons basically revolves around the character named Joe Goldberg. Who is basically a stalking sociopath? Whose obsession increased for stalking women. So in the third season, we may experience the story of more murders happening in You. It will also show you some sudden shock of pregnancy. Apart from all these things you may also experience at last that Joe and Love are living happily and also have a happy family.

    There are lots of people around the world who are waiting for the series to get released. So we just want that the world should be free of Covid-19 and again all the films and web series starts again.


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