How To Get Away With Murder Season 7 : Release Date and Plot, What happened to Sandrine?


The court-room drama series, which grabbed wide attention, made fans jump high in the air when it announced a revival through a new season, which would premiere on 2 April 2020.

Here, however, we look at one of the most puzzling aspects of the show, and that is what actually happened to Sandrine Castillio. The most popular theory being Laurel killing her mother.

Facts that support the idea

  • Sandrine’s disappeared as far as we know, nobody has seen her since the night she parted ways with Laurel. I’m not taking Jorge’s word for it because, well, he’s Jorge (more on that later), but we can hope that Laurel’s brother would have mentioned it if he had been in touch with his mother. So Sandrine’s been AWOL for a handful of months now.
  • The scratches on Laurel’s arms = indicative of some sort of physical altercation, thereby proving that Laurel lied about her last encounter with her mother. Nasty words weren’t the only things that were exchanged that night…
  • Laurel’s anger/rage at her mother that’s a pretty good motive! She hated Sandrine for her betrayal and could very well have snapped and killed her.

Facts that contradict the idea

  • no one at Sandrine’s hotel noticed anything weird = if Laurel killed her mother, it had to be in her hotel room. Yet, no one spotted anything untoward: no blood, no sign of struggle…
  • the objective difficulty of disposing of a body when you’re on your own and 5’4 = killing is easy, moving a corpse isn’t. Whatever Laurel may have done, she would have had to do alone. How could she have got Sandrine’s body out of the hotel without anyone seeing anything? Also, does Laurel even have a car with which she could have transported the body away from the hotel?

  • Jorge Castillo’s history of gaslighting = Laurel said so (“This is what my father does. He wanted you to start doubting me, and, look it’s working.”) and so did Annalise (“So he’s gotten into your head, too?”). We saw it in action with the fake drug test results. That’s how Jorge works. So the fact that he was the one who a) assured everyone he had no idea where Sandrine was and b) accused Laurel of doing something to her mother gives me a long, long pause and makes me wonder if he didn’t do something to / with Sandrine.

Facts that are neither here nor there

  • Sandrine not being in touch with Laurel since her disappearance = they parted ways on extremely poor, possibly violent, terms. Sandrine not reaching out to her daughter doesn’t mean she’s dead (but it doesn’t disprove it either).
  • the baptism gown = no return address on the package so no way to trace it back to its sender. It could be because Sandrine doesn’t want to be located (or isn’t practical enough to even know that return addresses are a thing) or it could be because Laurel sent it to herself.



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