Haikyu Season 5 know about the Release Date, Plot and all the important updates!!!!

When a junior high school student named Hinata discovers his passion for volleyball, after watching a game on television, his life takes a new turn. However, his passion challenges him when his height doesn’t match with his dream. But his ultimate urge to become a volleyball player takes his dream to a new level and with a goal to participate in the nationals.

The shonen anime series Haikyu!! Written and illustrated by Haruchi, Furudate focuses on the realistic approach of life. Unlike other fantasy anime, this shonen anime shows the real struggles and failures that life throws on us. It shows how goals inspire us to rise from any challenges. Moreover, it fundamentally focuses on the complexities and technicalities of sports players.

The anime first made its appearance from April 2014 to September 2014. After receiving continuous love and support from fans the second season it was aired from October 2015  to March 2016. And the third premiered from October – December 2016. The fourth season it was aired recently on January 2020.

Haikyu!! Season 5 Release Date

With so much reception and after millions of copies of manga series being sold. Will we have season 5 for Haikyu? Well, the answer is big, Yesss!!!. It is officially confirmed that season 5 will be released in July 2020.

As we all know, season 4 has been divided into two parts, so season 5 will be season 4 part 2. As announced, the second season cour will release in July 2020.

Major update!!! 

If you haven’t seen the official trailer of season 5 or season 4 part 2, here is what you got to know. In the trailer, we see Hinata with a slight change in his hairstyle and also in his body posture. Some fans are happy about this slight change, while others seem to be a little surprised as well as disheartened. Claiming they miss the old Hinata and his innocence. But we know a change in character is important for Its growth, as the series is about seven years old so we cannot expect him to be like that forever.


Haikyu!!  Season 4 so far 

The last episode of season 4 has a lot to serve us in the upcoming season. It left us in a cliffhanger of unfortunate events which we pray doesn’t turn out bad in season 5, or it will become a nightmare. Previously in the last episode, we witness the boys of Karasuno preparing themselves for the second day of nationals.

With so much pressure and responsibilities to fulfill, the coach warns them about the opposing player named Atsumu to be the best in Japan. Later in the match, the thing which was making coach Ukai so restless comes to action when Hinata loses his track hastily and gets a warning for his move.

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