Korean drama Love Alarm Season 2 confirmed to premiere on Netflix!! Here’s everything you need to know about the release date, plot, cast and other exciting updates!!

Excited for some Korean drama on the go?? Well, no worries until you have the streaming giant, Netflix, with you. Netflix has been a platform for numerous television shows and web series. And now it’s time to witness a Korean romance drama Love Alarm. So here’s everything we know about Love Alarm Season 2. Keep reading to know more about it!

The Korean sci-fi drama series premiered on Netflix in 2019. The show gained immense popularity. Millions of viewers loved the show and hoped for another season. Fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 to premiere on Netflix again. Will there be more of Love Alarm??

There’s good news for you that the show is confirmed for a renewal. But we have something else for you too. Lee-Na Jeong, director of the show, announced previously, that there could be another installment of the show. Though, there’ll be one if Season 1 is taken well by the viewers.

Season 1 has a huge fan base now. Netflix users are binge-watching the series. Therefore, the chances are that we may witness Love Alarm Season 2. Though, show-makers seem to not reveal much.


The shooting had already begun before the coronavirus outbreak. However, everything’s come to a halt due to the pandemic. The process is likely to resume this year after the lockdown subsides. Thus, we may expect season 2 to premiere in 2020 itself. There might be a further delay too. We need an official announcement for more clarity on the release.


The plot is based on a dating app. It rings when you find a connection within 10m distance. The romance drama series is enthralling, leading to many problems. Thus, you’ll witness them muddling up in love triangles as the story proceeds.

Season 1 ended with the love triangle of Jojo, Sun-oh, and Hye-Yeong. Thus, Jojo being helpless in ringing the love alarm. The show ended on a sentimental note. Fans are excited to know more about the love triangle. Who will Jojo eventually choose?? I need to wait for season 2 to answer that one!


We definitely expect the three lead characters to return on screen. Kim So-Hyun as Jojo, Jung Ga-ram as Hee-Yeong, Song Kang as Sun-o will surely feature in season 2. However, the show may introduce new characters. Though, details about the cast are not yet out.

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