It seems that we are not going to have a 3rd season for Gravity Falls?? How much true is this news?? What does the makers have to say about it??

Cartoon series have been able to entertain a lot of fans these days. Some of the most legendary toon series like “Rick and Morty” and “Adventure Time” and many others are pretty famous.

The upcoming season of Gravity Falls?

So, let’s take a look at “Gravity Falls,” This one has been pretty awesome, and Alex Hirsch was able to get quite a lot of fame from this one. People are asking for a third season. So, let’s see if that is possible or not.

It seems that the series is not going to give us a 3rd season, which means that no more fun is going to be received from the pines. So, those who were thinking about the date of release simply need to forget about the whole thing.

Are we going to have Gravity Falls Season 3 or not??

The reason for the series to end was because of the story ended. Alex Hirsch explained that the whole series was based on a story that was supposed to end, and even though it could have been stretched, that will be not really good, and it will pretty much be messed up the whole thing.

The series was pretty awesome, though, and Alex himself couldn’t deny the fact that the whole thing was addictive, and he himself wasn’t able to deny the fact that the whole thing looks pretty good. So, even though a Season 3 is off the limits but there could be a spin-off or special episodes kind of thing will be there.

A comic book series was released about the whole topic named ” Gravity Falls: Lost Legends,” which was not a 3rd season kind of thing, but still, it was able to impress us with the fact that the series is not all over.

And as the story of two twins spending their summer vacation with their Great uncle and going on paranormal adventures together is something we are definitely going to miss for sure.

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