6ix9ine’s Ex Sara Molina Slams Him, 6ix9ine Neglects Their Child And Only Seeks Public Attention

Ever since Tekashi 6ix9ine got out of prison, all he has been doing is getting the public’s attention and flaunting money and jewelry. 6ix9ine, aka Daniel Hernandez, recently appeared on Instagram Live and talked about a lot of things, from snitching his members to his relationship with his baby mama. But now, the mother of 6ix9ine’s daughter Saraiyah fired shots to 6ix9ine, claiming that he doesn’t care about little girl’s security and wants public attention.

Tekashi 6ix9ine appeared in record-breaking Instagram Live on May 8 and apologized to his fans for everything. The live-stream was followed after the release of his new single, Gooba—the first song after being released from prison. 6ix9ine admitted that he snitched his former gang members, but most of all, he was angered with his baby’s momma for not being loyal to him. He confirmed that Sara Molina hooked up with his former manager and fellow Nine Trey gang member, Shotti, while he was out on tour.

Following 6ix9ine’s Instagram Live, Molina posted a series of posts in her Instagram handle that appear to be cerebral shots at the Gumbo singer. She slammed Hernandez by writing that he only cares about money but not his own daughter. Molina claimed that he doesn’t even think about the girl’s safety and completely neglects her existence. The 24-year-old mother further slammed that all those money and cars, which he flaunts every day, won’t make him happy forever.

The other day in another Instagram post, she claimed that her daughter’s father was a marked man and always seeks attention. She also made it clear that she is richer than him because she has a daughter.  Molina has the full custody of their daughter, and she confirmed that 6ix9ine’s mother could visit Saraiyah, but the rapper can’t.

Daniel Hernandez was sentenced 47 years in prison for racketeering and firearm charges, but his sentence was reduced to just two years after he testified willingly against his former Nine Tray associates. He was released from prison on April 2 due to the coronavirus pandemic, as he is the patient of asthma, and that is vulnerable to coronavirus. He will spend the rest of his prison term in house confinement.

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