Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Confirmed by Paramount Pictures, Ben Schwartz, Jim Carey, and James Marsden Will Reprise Their Role

Sonic the Hedgehog, has luckily become one of the very rare successful video game adaptation in Hollywood. The action-adventure film received positive reviews from the critics and was commercially successful, even though the movie hit the theatres just a few weeks before coronavirus lockdown.

Fans are now waiting for the sequel after the mid-credit scenes in the first film hinted the appearance of another popular character from Sonic videogame, Tails. As of now, the production company, Paramount Pictures, hasn’t confirmed any news about the potential sequel, but box office analyst Jeff Bock believes the news will arrive after coronavirus shutdowns.

James Marsden, who plays Thomas Michael “Tom” Wachowski in the film, recently confirmed that he had already signed for multiple sequels. The movie director, Jeff Fowler, also revealed that he wasn’t to feature friendship of Sonic and his best friend, Tails, and further develop the story arc of villainous Dr. Robotnik. Pat Casey and Ben Schwartz both confirmed that the sequel hadn’t been greenlit yet, but the studio is positive in developing a potential sequel.

When asked about what would be the story if the sequel happens, co-writer Pat Casey mentioned that he would like to explore the world and tell the story of the Echidna tribe. The Echidna tribe is featured in the opening scenes of the movie that reportedly grossed around $306.8 million worldwide. Casey also revealed that the sequel would present the Super Sonic, which is available in various Sonic The Hedgehog video games developed by Sega.

Paramount Pictures will begin to plan for the upcoming projects after the current health crisis would be neutralized. The plan for the sequel has been quiet for now, but we hope the filmmakers announce the movie plans once Hollywood resumes its business.

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