The Doors of Stone, The Final Installment in The Kingkiller Chronicle is Just Around The Corner, Patrick Rothfuss Confirms the Release Date


    The Doors of Stone, the final installment in the critically acclaimed novel, The Kingkiller Chronicle, is in the works, and it is expected to be released real soon. The epic-fantasy novel series penned down by talented American novelist Patrick Rothfuss has become a fan-favorite and are eagerly waiting for the final book.

    Patrick Rothfuss released a book titled The Name of the Wind in 2006 that quickly garnered reader’s attention as, at that time, people were driving crazy in the world of epic fantasies after the release of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Song of Ice and Fire. When the second book titled The Wise Man’s Fear got released, there were significant fans of The Kingkiller Chronicle, who were already asking for the third book.

    The books became a worldwide phenomenon, and the hardcover & paperback were sold more than 10 million copies. George R.R. Martin—the genius behind A Song of Ice and Fire—has also loved The Kingkiller Chronicle and claimed that he read a whole 994-page book on the same day. The book follows an adventurer who is living in a rural area as an innkeeper, and he tells his life story to the chronicler, Devan Loches.

    The author mentioned that the books represent a day in the inn, and Kvothe narrates his story to Loches. The first two books, titled The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear, resembles the first day and second day of the encounter between innkeeper and Loches, respectively. The upcoming book, The Doors of Stone, is set to be the final and third day of their meeting. The story arc of The Kingkiller Chronicle is a structure in two timelines—the past and present.

    The first two books have already covered the past timeline that consists of Kvothe’s past, while the third book will reportedly have the present narrative taking place in the Waystone Inn. The author has appeared in various interviews through these years, and every time he told them that he is working for the book, but it is nowhere near the completion.

    Rothfuss has devoted to making short stories rather than working on the third book. He has recently worked in Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons—a comic issue—with Canadian comic book writer Jim Zubkavich. While promoting the comic, he revealed that the book would arrive by late 2021 or 2022 but not before that.


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